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Interviews - 2018

Interview with Prof. Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed Shariff

APRSAF Secretariat had a Q & A session on the occasion of APRSAF-24 with Professor Sr Gs Dr. Abdul Rashid Bin Mohamed Shariff C.Eng., at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), to ask him about the situation regarding satellite applications in the Asia-Pacific region including Southeast Asia.


Interview with Mr. Jonathan Hung

Mr. Jonathan Hung is president of the Singapore Space and Technology Association, or SSTA. Unlike other key participation organizations at APRSAF, which is mainly composed of space agencies and governmental entities, SSTA is a non-profit trade association in Singapore. But it promotes space activities, including space environment utilization, with great enthusiasm. Now it is ready to invite the next APRSAF annual meeting in 2018.


Interview with Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai

Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai is the director of the ISRO Satellite Centre where all the satellites made in India are basically assembled and tested prior to being launched into space. In addition, he is responsible for mission planning for the satellites during the initial phase, which ranges from remote sensing, communication and navigation through to exploration missions such as the Mars Orbiter and the Moon Explorer Chandrayaan. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Masters in Applied Electronics, and then he obtained a Doctorate in System Engineering. He joined the ISRO in 1982, and has served as program director for Earth observation missions and remote sensing and planetary missions such the Mars Orbiter Mission. He is also the project director for India’s first lunar mission, known as Chandrayaan.

At APRSAF-24, the second such meeting to be held in India, he co-chaired the Space Technology Working Group along with his Japanese counterpart, Mr. Ryoichi Imai of JAXA.

The APRSAF Secretariat interviewed him about India’s space activities on the occasion of his inaugural attendance at the APRSAF annual meeting.



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