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Satellite Applications for Societal Benefit
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The Satellite Applications for Societal Benefit Working Group (SAWG), previously the Space Applications Working Group, aims to promote and facilitate the utilization of Earth observation satellite data and navigation satellites data combined with ground-based information to contribute to global agendas including the SDGs, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Paris Agreement on climate change. SAWG welcomes active and constructive participation to solve a broad range of common social issues in the region, especially in the fields of disaster management, climate change, and environmental sustainability. The WG will leverage the outstanding achievements of existing two initiatives (Sentinel-Asia since 2005 and Space Applications For Environment: SAFE since 2008) to explore other potential applications and societal benefits.

Space Applications Working Group (APRSAF-26, November 26-27, 2019, Nagoya, Japan)

Sentinel Asia's Emergency Observation Flow

Sentinel Asia Step-3's mandate to address the entire disaster management cycle and to contribute to the Sendai Framework

SAFE Project Overview

SAFE Project Framework


  • Promote interactive and information sharing opportunities to explore new possibilities in integrating Earth observation satellites data, navigation satellites data, ground based information and ICT to address social issues.
  • Leverage the success of Sentinel Asia and SAFE to strengthen the regional collaborative and cooperative activities to achieve enhanced safety in the region.
  • Working with international organizations provides opportunities to discuss and share information on space applications in disaster risk management, climate change, and environmental issues, as well as increase the number of best practices concerning space applications on the regional scale in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Organize SAWG meeting at the APRSAF annual meeting, possibly separate meetings of Sentinel Asia or SAFE. These meetings offer opportunities to report WG status and to discuss their future direction.

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