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About Working Groups

About Working Groups

APRSAF currently organizes four working groups—Space Applications, Space Technology, Space Environment Utilization, and Space Education—to share information about the activities and future plans of each country and region in these respective areas. APRSAF also supports the establishment of international projects as solutions for common issues, such as disasters and environmental protection, so that participating parties will benefit from mutual cooperation.


From the APRSAF-1 to 7, we had plenary sessions focused on exchanging general information of each country and views to the future cooperation in the Asia Pacific region.

At APRSAF-8 & 9, we set up 4 working groups (WG), Earth Observation, Communication Satellite Applications, Space Environment Utilization, and Space Education and Awareness to embody the cooperation in our region. In consequence, we adopted the general recommendations which reflected the proposals by each W.G.

At APRSAF-10 & 11, there was a plenary session and three working groups, Earth Observation Working Group(EO), Communication Satellite Applications Working Group(CSA) and Space Education and Awareness Working Group(SEA). The issues regarding Space Environment Utilization was discussed at SEA. Through the discussion, each working group submitted their proposals to the plenary session and all participants adopted the recommendations.

At APRSAF-12, Space Environment Utilization Working Group (International Space Station Working Group) and Sentinel Asia initiative were newly established.

At APRSAF-21, responding to recommendations from APRSAF-20, the new framework for working groups was introduced toward socio-economic outcome-oriented structure. Under the new framework, more cooperation with user organizations, development aid agencies and other entities outside the space fields is expected to contribute to solving common issues in the Asia- Pacific region.

APRSAF WG Framework

In this Website, we report the latest news from each WG.

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Space Applications Working Group

The Space Applications Working Group (SAWG) discusses various space application topics that support socio-economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region, such as disaster management and environmental issues, through the use of space technology (Earth observation, communication, and navigation)...


Space Technology Working Group

The Space Technology Working Group (STWG), evolved from the former Communication Satellite and Applications Working Group, was established to exchange information on space technology and capacity building to meet needs from Asian countries desiring to acquire space technology...


Space Environment Utilization Working Group

The Space Environment Utilization Working Group (SEUWG) was established as an opportunity for countries in the Asia-Pacific region to use the “Kibo” Japanese Experiment Module on the International Space Station (ISS/Kibo)...


Space Education Working Group

The Space Education Working Group (SEWG), formerly known as the Space Education and Awareness Working Group, was established in 2001 for promoting space education activities including space topics and providing opportunities for space education...



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