APRSAF Annual Meetings
Q1.When and where is the APRSAF annual meeting held?

APRSAF has been holding annual meetings around November/December every year, jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan (MEXT), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), and organizations of host countries in the Asia-Pacific region. For details, please visit “Annual Meetings” on the APRSAF website:

Q2.What programs take place at an APRSAF annual meeting?

The meeting consists of two days of Working Group Sessions and two days of Plenary Sessions. Currently APRSAF consists of four working groups: the Space Applications Working Group, the Space Technology Working Group, the Space Environment Utilization Working Group, and the Space Education Working Group. During the meeting, the participants share information about their country’s space activities, policy, and future plans, and also discuss the potential regional cooperation on space activities.

For details about APRSAF working groups, please visit:

Q3.Are there any restrictions on participation in an APRSAF annual meeting?

APRSAF is an open forum and anyone who wishes to participate can attend the annual meeting. Space agencies, governmental bodies, international organizations, private companies, universities, and research institutes from more 40 countries and regions take part in APRSAF. For details, please visit “Annual Meetings” on the APRSAF website.

Q4.Do I need to pay a registration fee?

Yes. Participants need to pay a registration fee for the APRSAF annual meeting, which include access to all sessions, conference materials and networking opportunities. For more information on registration fees, please check “Annual Meetings Tag” on the APRSAF website, which is updated around the end of July.

Q5.How can I register for the APRSAF annual meeting?

Online registration opens around July on the APRSAF Annual Meeting page:

Q6.How can I make a presentation at APRSAF?

You can apply to make a presentation at the Working Group Sessions at the time of online registration. Presentations at the Plenary Sessions are limited to invited speakers.

Q7.Is there any financial support for participation?

It is requested that all expenses necessary for participation at the APRSAF annual meeting (including travel expenses, accommodation expenses and other expenses) be borne by the participants themselves. We thank you for your understanding.

APRSAF Side Events
Q8.What are APRSAF Side Events?

APRSAF Side Events are held on the occasion of the APRSAF annual meeting and can be proposed and organized by APRSAF-participating organizations. APRSAF Side Events are independent of the APRSAF annual meeting. Side event organizers are solely responsible for the preparation of the side events including the arrangement of the venue and equipment, and all expenses necessary for organizing the event. Please make sure that the time of the side event does not to overlap with Side Events, Working Group Sessions and Plenary Sessions.

Q9.How can I register for APRSAF Side Events?

Please check detailed information, which is available from around mid-May.

Q10.When is the deadline for application for APRSAF Side Events?

Submission of applications for APRSAF Side Events closes around the end of June. Please refer to the “Annual Meeting” page on the website.

Q11.Is there an exhibition at the APRSAF annual meeting?

Yes. The deadline for application for an exhibition is around the end of September. Please refer to “Annual Meeting” page on the website.

Q12.Where can I get information about APRSAF regularly?

The APRSAF news mail, which is published every two months, provides information about the annual meeting of the APRSAF and space-related activities of the Asia-Pacific region. To subscribe for APRSAF news mail, please visit the following page.