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To All APRSAF Website Users

Thank you for visiting the APRSAF Website (hereinafter referred to "the Website").
The Website is provided by the International Relations Department of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereinafter referred to "JAXA") and is administered by APRSAF Secretariat (hereinafter referred to "APRSAF") under the provision that users of the Website follow the conditions stipulated by the APRSAF Website Policy (hereinafter referred to "the Policy") specified here. All users who access the Website (hereinafter referred to "the Users") are considered that they have agreed to and accepted the Policy.

Exemption Clause

APRSAF is paying full attention to the Website; however, please be aware in advance that we are not responsible for the reliability and security of the Website. Also, APRSAF is not responsible for any damages and/or inconveniences that are caused by the use of this Website and/or its information.
APRSAF may change the information in the Website or suspend its service without any prior notice. APRSAF is not responsible for any damages and/or inconveniences caused by such changes or suspension regardless of reasons.

Privacy Policy

The Scope of the Use of Collected Information

APRSAF stores, uses, and analyzes collected information/data of the Users with which an individual may be identified in the scope of APRSAF activities. Among the information/data, APRSAF can use those which an individual can be identified with by abiding by the appropriate clauses of this Privacy Policy.

Disclosure of Collected Information/Data

APRSAF does not disclose collected information/data of the Users, especially those which an individual can be identified with to any third parties intentionally except for the following three cases.

  • When disclosure is requested based on legitimate reasons or explanations
  • When APRSAF acquires the prior consent from an individual concerning the disclosure of his/her information/data to a third party.
  • When APRSAF discloses information/data of a User to a person who is in charge of providing requested data or materials to that User within the scope for the person in charge to perform his/her responsibility.

APRSAF takes all possible and rational measures to avoid accidental leakage of the collected information/data to third parties.


APRSAF takes rational security measures to prevent loss, leakage, misuse, falsification, and demolition of the collected information/data from the Users with which an individual can be identified. However, please be aware that it is impossible to guarantee the absolute protection of the information/data despite our utmost security measures.

Site Policy