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Space Technology Working Group


Space Technology Working Group

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The Space Technology Working Group (STWG), evolved from the former Communication Satellite and Applications Working Group, was established to exchange information on space technology and capacity building to meet needs from Asian countries desiring to acquire space technology. The WG aims to support space technology development in the Asia-Pacific region by active information exchange, cooperation seeking and capacity building opportunities discovery among experts from space agencies, academic institutions, and private sectors in the region.


  • The WG discussed topics regarding technological strategies and cross-cutting technologies focusing on small satellites; applied technologies of high interest in the Asia-Pacific region such as the Small Sized Satellites (small, micro- and nano-sastellites) engineering management such as systems engineering that is indispensable for the practical application of space programs; the monitoring, reduction and removal of space debris for risk mitigation; the launch environment; and an orbit experiment demonstration at the meeting of the WG at APRSAF-22.

    There was strong interest in engineering management, including systems engineering and project management, ensuring reliability and quality control, and there were lively discussions in the sessions on those topics.

    In addition, panelists exchanged views on the various efforts being made with respect to capacity building and training, sharing the challenges in each country, and expectations towards regional cooperation to resolve the issues.

  • The WG will further share activities and experiences in space technology, small satellites, launch opportunities, and engineering management, as well as to promote cooperative opportunities and encourage wider participation. It will also promote information exchange about capacity building programs, training opportunities, and technical matters for debris mitigation and removal.

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