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September 19-22, 2023

Indonesia Indonesia

Side Events

APRSAF Side Events

The following side events were held in conjunction with the APRSAF-29.

Accelerating Asia-Pacific Space Economies Through Partnerships: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices
Organizer Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, in partnership with Pacific Forum and the University of Hawaii at Manoa Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs

Pacific Forum

Pacific Forum

Event Description The emergence of New Space has helped foster the growth of space economies across a wider range of Asia-Pacific nations. There now exists a spectrum of space economies at differing levels of maturity, with potential complementarities that could synergize and catalyze the further development of this crucial sector. Yet, it appears that regional partnerships are an under-explored area for many of these emerging space economies. This APRSAF-29 Side Event will seek to promote discussion and understanding why this might be the case. Specifically, it will bring together a range of Asia-Pacific expert speakers from military, civil and commercial space to exchange perspectives on 1) the principal challenges inhibiting regional partnerships from playing a catalyzing role accelerating space economies, 2) comparative regional partnership experiences and models that may helpfully inform future efforts guiding space policy, and 3) the most promising regional partnership opportunities for the future in the Asia-Pacific across different space sectors. Attendees will gain insights into the challenges and future opportunities presented by regional partnerships in the Asia-Pacific and awareness of best practices and models that may be emulated to foster economic growth.
Date Wednesday 6 Sep 2023, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Tokyo, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Jakarta; Tuesday 5 Sep 2023, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Honolulu.
Online Event URL https://manoa.hawaii.edu/indopacificaffairs/2023/07/23/accelerating-asia-pacific-space-economies/
Registration https://hawaii.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_6w-kPtg4RDe8Yeu7zNH3zQ
Live Streaming Not available
Contact Person Dr. Alfred Oehlers, Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies
Email Address oehlersadkiapcss.edu
Pacific Forum
Pacific Forum

Space-Based Solutions: Leveraging Taiwan's Satellite Data for Effective Risk Management and Economic Loss Reduction
Organizer Taiwan Space Agency (TASA)
Event Description

This event aims to highlight the potential of satellite data in enhancing societal resilience and economic stability. It will serve as a platform for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas, and exploring opportunities for regional collaborations in utilizing satellite data for sustainable development. We will demonstrate how Taiwan uses satellite data in environmental monitoring, geographical applications, and weather prediction. We invite countries from the Asia-Pacific region to tap into this valuable data resource. By working collaboratively, we believe we can fully harness the potential of satellite data to advance our shared sustainability goals.

Session 1: Open Data Cube (3 Hours)

  • [Presentation] Introduction to Open Data Cube and Its Applications
  • [Presentation and Hands-On Practice] International Collaboration in Global Earth Observation and Open Data Cube Applications

More information about Taiwan Data Cube can be found at: https://www.tasa.org.tw/activity/TWC/en/index.html

Session 2: GNSS Radio Occultation/ GNSS-Reflectometry (3 Hours)

  • [Presentation] Introduction to TASA’s GNSS-Meteorological satellite mission & GNSS radio Occultation + Reflectometer
  • [Hands-On Practice] Utilization of GNSS Radio Occultation at the Taiwan Analysis Center for COSMIC and the Space Weather Operational Office

For the full agenda, please visit the TASA official website:

Date September 26th, 2023 (Tuesday)
Online Event URL https://tasa.webex.com/tasa-tc/j.php?MTID=meea41b35d9899a1df79728d921122a00


To fully participate in our hands-on sessions, please register in advance to secure a one-day trial.

Live Streaming N/A
Contact Person Ms. Judy Liu
Email Address judyliutasa.org.tw
The APRSAF-29 Stargazing Event
Organizer Space Education for All Working Group (SE4AWG) SE4AWG
Event Description

"Space Education for All" Working Group (SE4AWG), co-hosted by BRIN and JAXA this year, organizes online and onsite stargazing events

The APRSAF-29 Online Stargazing Event will be held on 7th September. In collaboration with the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), SE4AWG will broadcast the sky of multiple regions, including Indonesia, Japan, Australia, the United States of America (Hawaii), Chile, Australia, etc. This event is designed for children, educators, and APRSAF participants.

We will also host the onsite stargazing event for students at Jakarta Planetarium which is located in Ismail Marzuki Park (approximately 3.7 km from the APRSAF venue). Anyone, including the participants of APRSAF, is welcome to attend this event. The activities at Jakarta Planetarium include observing space, planet, and star constellations, learning about them using video clips or slides inside the mobile planetarium during the day, and observing stars at night through telescopes (weather permitting).

1. Overview of the APRSAF-29 Online Stargazing Event

Have you ever wondered what the stars look like from other parts of the world? Well, now you can see what they look like from your home!
SE4AWG will be broadcasting stars and constellations live from multiple observatories around the world.
Through this event, SE4AWG hopes to foster a sense of adventure and creativity, to enjoy the stars, the universe, and space education, to know how the stars and constellations appear in the sky depending on the latitude and time zone, and international exchange by looking at the starry sky at the same time. In preparation for the participants of the events, JAXA has posted educational videos and summer homework online. Those educational materials are created by JAXA in collaboration with NAOJ and the IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach.

Date: 12 pm (Noon) - 1:30 pm on Thursday, 7 September 2023 (UTC)


12 pm (Noon) - 12:10 pm

Introducing Students' Summer Homework

12:10 pm - 1:30 pm

Online Stargazing Broadcast

【Broadcasting places (6 areas)】

  • Chile, Hawaii, Japan (Tokyo and Ishigakijima Island): National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
  • Indonesia (Kupang and/or Bandung): National Research and Innovation Agency
  • Australia (Canberra): Australian National University

2. Overview of the APRSAF-29 Onsite Stargazing Event (UPDATED)

The APRSAF-29 participants can attend the Onsite Stargazing Event with free admission. You can attend the mini planetarium show (all weather) and observe the Moon, Saturn, and bright stars. The APRSAF participants who registered at the APRSAF-29 meeting place will go to the onsite stargazing event place with the bus from BRIN Headquarters and come back to BRIN. The maximum capacity is 35 participants. Registration is on a first come first served basis.

Date Online Stargazing Event: 12 pm (Noon) - 1:30 pm on Thursday, 7 September (UTC)
Onsite Stargazing Event: 7 pm - 9 pm on 19 and 20 September (GMT+7)
APRSAF participants can attend the 20 September for Onsite Stargazing Event.
Online Event URL https://edu.jaxa.jp/en/news/2023/i-0814.html

Online Stargazing Event: https://forms.office.com/r/XtFRjeXeHq
(Registration deadline: 12 pm (Noon), September 6th, 2023)

Onsite Stargazing Event
For the APRSAF-29 participants:
The APRSAF participants can register for this event at the APRSAF-29 meeting location. The APRSAF participants will go to the onsite stargazing event place with the bus. The maximum capacity is 35 participants. Registration is on a first come first served basis.

Live Streaming  
Contact Person Ms. Hiroko Tsuzuki
Email Address ap_se4awg_eduml.jaxa.jp
Navigating Risk and Insurance for Newspace Sector
Organizer Marsh
Event Description

As a fast growing and evolving sector of the space industry, newspace companies must contend with risk management challenges at each phase of the satellite and launch vehicle life cycle. Risk management and insurance have thus become key strategic drivers for all space agencies and newspace companies, viewed increasingly by investors and stakeholders as critical to program success.

Our workshop will provide introductory training to the newspace community on how to manage and transfer risk effectively, and is tailored for space agencies, newspace companies, satellite operators, manufacturers and launch service providers.

The workshop will include:

  • Introduction to newspace risks and insurance.
  • Overview of risk management and space insurance for each phase of the satellite and launch vehicle life cycle.
  • Space insurance market dynamics and premium rating.
  • Industry best practices and insurance buying trends: benchmarked data across existing satellite and newspace companies.
  • Fireside chat with Dr Meiditomo Sutyarjoko, Chairman of PT. Indonesia Satellite Consultant: Dr Sutyarjoko is an expert in satellite technology and regulations, and has been leading a number of satellite programs since the 1990s. He will share his experience on the role of space risk and insurance in supporting space programs.
Date Thursday 21 September, 2023
Time 4:30pm – 5:30pm plus time for audience questions and discussions thereafter
Venue Room INOVASI, BRIN Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia
Online Event URL Not Applicable
Registration https://www.marsh.com/id/en/newspace-sector-event.html
Live Streaming Not Applicable
Contact Person Richard Pang   Richard.pang@marsh.com
Claire Chui   Claire.chuimarsh.com
Email Address ditto
Embracing Diversity in the Asia-Pacific Space Sector
Organizer Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Work-Life Support and Diversity Office of JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
Event Description

Gender equality and diversity are becoming very important issues in the space sector. In the Asia-Pacific region, we can see a significant gap in this area. This is becoming heavily important particularly in promoting more women participation in the space sector in the region.

-Dr. Erna Sri Adiningsih, BRIN, Indonesia
-Gillian Chen, SGAC National Point of Contact-Singapore
-Masahiko Sato JAXA
-PhilSA - TBC

Moderator: Naoko Sugita/ JAXA

Date and Venue Date: 21 September 2023 UTC+7 (16:00-17:30)
Venue: APRSAF Venue, BRIN Headquarters 3F (RISEN)
Online Event URL N/A
Registration https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=Zmk96zt7UU-8KeWxlOc8HhKTwYvORbFNl1_d236mtoNUQzcxOU80RVVQOUZIRjA1OUUwOVVHRVJLQiQlQCN0PWcu
Live Streaming N/A
Contact Person Name: Dr. Naoko Sugita
Advisor to the Director, Earth Observation Research Center,
Support Member, Work-Life Support and Diversity Office
Email Address sugita.naokojaxa.jp
The 9th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW 2023)
Organizer Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) AP-SGW
Event Description

The Asia-Pacific NewSpace ecosystem is currently going through significant changes as a result of the space sector’s transition, which is being fueled by increased investment, predominant private players involvement, and the emergence of NewSpace businesses with cutting-edge plans and revenue streams. Private players are taking center stage in this new ecosystem as they strive to do space business independently of governments in the long run.

Asia’s spacefaring nations have autonomously established their own strategies and ecosystems for space operations that are entrenched in their dominant political, commercial, and economic regional landscapes. Therefore, the time has come to address the space ecosystem from a technological, commercial, and socioeconomic perspective with a goal to facilitate the sustainable development of the NewSpace ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region.

This year, the 9th Asia-Pacific flagship SGAC event is happening in Bengaluru, the Aerospace hub of India. Bengaluru has a huge number of aerospace PSUs and start-ups that support the NewSpace ecosystem.

Date November 18-19, 2023
Online Event URL https://spacegeneration.org/9th-ap-sgw-2023
Registration Registrations for the 9th AP-SGW are open, apply now!
Live Streaming Offline Event
Contact Person Mr. Rishin Aggarwal
Email Address rishin.aggarwalspacegeneration.org

About APRSAF Side Events

An “APRSAF-29 Side Event” is held on the occasion of the APRSAF-29 annual session and can be proposed and organized by APRSAF participating organizations. The Side Events must be relevant to the goals, objectives, and theme of the APRSAF-29. For details, please refer to the following documents.
Submission Deadline: 6 July 2023 (updated on 28 June) 30 June 2023