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November 30 - December 3, 2021


Side Events

APRSAF Side Events

The following side events were held in conjunction with the APRSAF-27.

Cosmic Sandbox workshop | Earth Observation for Disaster management and risk reduction
Organizer Asia Pacific Oceania Space Association APOSA
Event Description

Cosmic Sandbox is a multidisciplinary design thinking workshop aiming to forge a community of problem solvers. There will be interactive webinar sessions with the experts as part of the workshop to understand the landscape of earth observation application for disaster management and risk reduction from technology, law & policy, business, environment/climate science and community resilience building perspectives.

Guidelines of Sandbox workshop: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kIbxNq09Pws7OmuS8ncSzNu2WBrR7PyNpMEnIOaXNeQ/edit?usp=sharing

Date 13, 20, 27 November 2021
Speakers and schedule of the event

Webinar I | 13 Nov 2021 | 2.30pm - 4pm JST SPACE4DRM |

"Space for Disaster Risk Management "

Shirish Ravan, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), coordinates activities of the United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response (UN-SPIDER) primarily in Asia and the Pacific, Vienna

Webinar II | 20 Nov 2021 |
Session 1: 4.30pm - 6.30pm JST

Topic: "Community resilience-building"

Litea Biukoto, Team Leader Risk Reduction, Pacific Community-SPC , Fiji

Topic: "Law and Policy"

Quentin Verspieren, Assistant Professor (Space Policy), The University of Tokyo, General Manager, Global Strategy, ArkEdge Space Inc., Associate Research Fellow, European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Japan

Session 2: 7.30pm - 9.30pm JST

Topic: "Technology"

Taras Matselyukh, CEO and Founder at OPT/NET BV, Netherlands

Topic: "NewSpace & Business"

Luciano Giesso, International Sales Director, Satellogic, United States

DT workshop | 27 Nov 2021 |

Duration: 3-4 hrs (Tentatively)

Registration for Cosmic sandbox - Two webinars + DT Workshop: https://lnkd.in/g3ix_aSE
- Webinar 1: https://lnkd.in/g-ayvsBU
- Webinar 2: https://lnkd.in/gJj3gvjk
Live Streaming TBC
Contact Person Dr. Sindhu Paramasivam,
Aleena Joseph,
Chawalwat Martkamjan
Email Address sindhupadmagmail.com,
Norms in Space: Exploring Asia-Pacific Perspectives
Organizer Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies Norms_in_Space
Event Description Recent years have seen tremendous innovations in the science, technology, and business of space. To an important degree, innovations in space governance have not kept pace with these rapid advances. Accompanying the many innovations that have occurred and will soon emerge, there is a need equally for creative and innovative thinking around governance to safeguard space for future generations.
Towards that end, increasing numbers of policy makers and space experts speak of the potential of norms in space as a way to innovatively contribute to responsible behaviors reducing risks and threats in space. Defining such norms, of course, will require much further discussion and consultation, as perspectives differ considerably between nations and across different space sectors and stakeholders. In an effort to foster greater exchange of such perspectives, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution (UNGA 75/36) in December 2020, encouraging members to outline what in their view might be perceived to be threats and security risks to space systems, describe the actions and activities that could be considered responsible, irresponsible or threatening, and share their ideas on the further development and implementation of norms of responsible behaviors to reduce risks of misunderstanding and miscalculations in space.
This APRSAF-27 Side Event will highlight the significance of this issue for the Asia-Pacific region, and the importance of participating in the discussion to contribute perspectives reflective of Asia-Pacific societies’ views. The Side Event will stimulate cross-national and cross-sectoral discussion about innovating governance through space norms among and between Asia-Pacific speakers and participants, paving the way for further regional discussions and potential regional collaborative approaches.
Date 10:00am Nov. 24, 2021 Tokyo Time / 8:00am Nov. 24, 2021 Hanoi Time /
3:00pm Nov. 23, 2021 Honolulu Time
Online Event URL https://globalnetplatform.org/apcss/norms-in-space-exploring-asia-pacific-perspectives
Registration https://apcss.zoomgov.com/webinar/register/WN_1XEnfWDPThGC830SCcF2LA
Live Streaming https://www.facebook.com/DKIAPCSS/
Contact Person Dr. Alfred Oehlers
Email Address oehlersadkiapcss.net
Democratising Earth Observation by Making Smarter Satellites
Organizer Spiral Blue Spiral Blue
Event Description

With the Asia Pacific region facing immense challenges this century, including climate change, deforestation, and desertification, monitoring the planet has become even more crucial. One of the most common methods to do this require people going out into the field to make measurements, flying drones, and installing IOT devices in an effort to better understand what's really happening.

Earth observation satellites have the potential to enable much easier monitoring and management of our planet, but this technology has seen limited adoption to date.

This panel event invites industry experts to discuss the limitations of the Earth observation industry, and how these limitations are being overcome. In addition, addressing different collaborative methods of the Asia-Pacific region that increase the efficiency of Earth observation satellites through technological innovation and business collaboration.

Hosted by Taofiq Huq, CEO of Spiral Blue
Panellists include:

- Sebastian Chaoui, CEO of Arlula
- Aravind Ravichandran, Director of Strategy, Space of Tomorrow.io
- Venkateshwara Pillay, CEO of LatConnect60

It is recommended to use a desktop Google Chrome/Firefox browser to access the event.

Date Monday 29th, November
4pm - 5:30pm Vietnam Time
Online Event URL https://www.airmeet.com/e/362320b0-2bcb-11ec-99cd-b34957ef43de
Registration https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/193266935607
Live Streaming TBD
Contact Person Gavan Huang
Email Address gavanspiralblue.space
Spiral Blue
Asia-Pacific Space Generation Online Workshop 2021
Organizer Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) APOSA
Event Description

Asia-Pacific Space Generation Online Workshop is a four-day workshop organized by SGAC to discuss significant topics related to the space sector in the Asia-Pacific region. The main purposes of the workshop are to identify recommendations for key regional issues faced by the space community, to be shared by SGAC at the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses for Outer Space, to build up interaction between young space communities and high-level space professionals in the Asia-Pacific region and to boost talent development for the next generation of space leaders in Asia-Pacific through a virtual platform.

Working group topics of this year’s AP-SGOW are as below.

1) Space Biology - Improving Lives in Asia-Pacific
2) Ensuring inclusivity across the Asia-Pacific region
3) Rise of space rovers and robotics in Asia-Pacific region
4) Value of space entertainment
5) Mars:2026? Role of the Asia-Pacific in sending humans to Mars and beyond

Date 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th December 2021
Online Event URL https://spacegeneration.org/ap-sgow-2021
Registration https://spacegeneration.org/ap-sgow-2021/apply-now
Live Streaming TBD
Contact Person Event Manager - Uthpala Perera
Co-event Manager - Peerarust Siriamphan
Email Address Uthpala.pereraspacegeneration.org
Building Resilience Using Open Data Cube (ODC) in Post-COVID Era
Organizer Taiwan’s National Space Organization (NSPO)
National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs)
Event Description Open Data Cube (ODC) was initiated by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) to provide a solution with new computing technologies, to promote free and open EO satellite data and application algorithms. ODC lowered the technical barriers for users to exploit the power of data. Today, ODC had been extensively applied in environmental issues such as climate action, disaster risk reduction, resource planning, and others. Obviously, ODC plays important role in providing value-added information for decision-makers.
The objective of this Side Event is to share various countries/regions development status, and to exchange experiences in applying ODC to different societal benefit areas. Invited speakers are from Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, the US, Vietnam, and international organizations: CEOS and Asian Development Bank. Distinguished experts will outline their achievements and international partnership, share their insights from a broad national/regional/ global perspective.
It is hoped that this Side Event could facilitate as the first step in establishing ODC for future APRSAF initiatives. In this cooperation platform, we could work together towards contributions in SDGs.
Date November 29 (Monday) 2021, 1PM - 4PM (UTC+7)
Online Event URL https://book.vcsonline.net/mCS/doGetMeetingInfo?paramLink=Jz8vKC5geDE0MxY1Li87eHZjY2htaGhsY2JuaWxrYHguGz4@2FLjs@2FKDl4dj8pNjs8YHgoPy4pNTJ4dnhpaWpibmxva3hgeBUUIjsueHZ4Y2I7ODloaWg5Ozw7d2k4bDt3b2Jrbnc4aDtjdzlvbm5rYzw4d28@2FYzlpPm08aW5oPnhgeD4zLz14IQ@3D@3D ODC
Registration Registration not required
Live Streaming -
Contact Person YANG Shan-kuo (Eddy)
Email Address edyangnarlabs.org.tw
The Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities: status and perspectives
Organizer Moon Village Association MVA
Event Description

This panel event aims to engage APRSAF members with the work of the Global Expert Group on Sustainable Lunar Activities (GEGSLA). The GEGSLA was established by the Moon Village Association in 2021, and will report to UN COPUOS in 2022. The event will give APRSAF members an opportunity to learn about GEGSLA’s approach and provide feedback which represents specific regional interests. Areas covered by expert panelists include information sharing, governance, safe operations, and interoperability.

Date 29 November, 2021, 5.00 pm JST
Online event URL https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84597732561
Registration Registration not required
Live Streaming -
Contact Person Alice Gorman
Email address Alice.Gormanflinders.edu.au
Expanding Domestic Industrial Space Capabilities for the National and Regional Benefit
Organizer Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd SSTL
Event Description

Many national space programmes globally and in Asian region are striving to create domestic, self-sustained, vibrant, and capable space industry and supply chain that can serve future national space demands. The emphasis of space programmes shifts from flagship projects to engagement of the industry and development of the right skills, capabilities and infrastructure with long lasting benefit for the country. The sovereignty and resilience of the national space activities is particularly important in today's era of uncertainty and fluctuations on the global and regional geopolitical scene.

The purpose of the event is to share experiences of countries in the APRSAF region that have in the past, or are currently building up their national space capacity. The focus is on sharing lessons learned, and best practice, and touches on topics such as: supply chain engagement, national infrastructure, human capital development, academia engagement, Government policies, technology transfer etc.

The event will be based on a virtual panel discussion with around 4-5 well-regarded stakeholders from national space organizations, who oversee the national space activities. They will discuss their own experiences, lessons learnt and plans with regards to building comprehensive national space capacity.  The host will raise discussion points to help share their thoughts and experiences in what factors they see as important in building domestic space industry for the future benefit of the country and region.

The session is planned to take 60 minutes in total, with 15 minutes devoted to Q&A. The host will facilitate an interactive audience engagement throughout the discussion.  Q&A from the audience will also be supported at the end. A gender balanced panel is planned with participants from local space agencies and space industry.

Date 6.12.2021
Online Event URL To be provided
Registration https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_HZLHpuE5R7mZvodTwTEg1Q
Live Streaming Panel via zoom
Contact Person Kasia Clatworthy
Email Address kclatworthysstl.co.uk

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