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November 26-29, 2019

Nagoya, Japan Japan

APRSAF Side Events

APRSAF Side Events

The following side events will be held in conjunction with the APRSAF-26. Further information will be provided in due course.

The 6th Asia-Pacific Space Generation Workshop (AP-SGW) 2019
Organizer Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) SGAC
Co-organizer TBD
Date 23-24 November 2019
Venue TBD
URL https://spacegeneration.org/ap-sgw-2019
Contacts Mr. WATANABE Kenta
Event Description

The program of AP-SGW 2019 consists of three sessions. Working Group Session, Speakers Session, and Meet-up Session.

Working Group Session is the main program of AP-SGW 2019. The participants will be separated into 4 or 5 groups and get an opportunity to discuss space related topics with specialists for two days. The topics will be determined by the AP-SGW 2019 organizing team and sponsors by considering current trends in the space sector. The results of the discussion will be reported through presentations at the end of the workshop and will ultimately be submitted to the UN COPUOS via SGAC annual report.

At the Speakers Session, some experts in the space sector will be invited to join and they will inspire the participants of AP-SGW 2019 with their passion and exciting stories. Also, some speakers from the AP-SGW 2019 sponsors will be invited and will get an opportunity to enhance their presence in the network of Asia-Pacific region.

A Meet-up session is the opportunity for the participants to strengthen their network with the next space leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. In the session, participants will get a chance to understand the background of each other regardless of their specialties or majors. The International Night is one of the meet-up sessions. In the session, participants can introduce their culture, history, food or drink to other participants to build a deeper relationship.

Good Practices Exchange for Mission success applying 9100 Quality Management System
Organizer APAQG (Asia Pacific Aerospace Quality Group Space Forum)
Co-organizer TBD
Date 29 November 2019 (PM)
Venue Room 210, Nagoya Convention Hall
Contacts Mr. MAEHATA Takayoshi
Event Description

This event introduces good practices and advantages based on 9100 QMS and support documents called “Supply chain management handbook (SCMH)” to Space companies, Space agencies and organizations in Asia Pacific Region. Through this event, APAQG Space Forum would like to implement initiatives that make significant improvements in "Mission Success" so called quality, by establishing and maintaining dynamic cooperation. Advantages based on 9100 QMS will be introduced in the event.

Agenda (tentative)

1. Introduction of IAQG and AP AQG Space Forum Activities
Information on APQG Space Forum and the 9100 Quality Management System (QMS) and support documents will be introduced with effectiveness of those documents.

2. Good practices based on 9100 QMS will be presented by implementing Space companies and Space agencies.
1) One of Space companies will report the lessons-learned about avoiding counterfeit parts issue through supply chain management.
2) One of Space agencies will report about improvement activity on the QMS for Space products with supplier and organization.

About APRSAF Side Events

An“APRSAF Side Event”is a meeting, conference, or other similar event, relating to APRSAF goals and objectives, proposed and performed by APRSAF participating organizations during the APRSAF annual session. For details, please refer to the following documents:
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