About NSLI

Photo of Space Policy and Law Working Group during APRSAF-28


National Space Legislation Initiative aims to realize the following objectives through the establishment of a Study Group among the space law/policy practitioners in Asia-Pacific countries:

  • To promote information sharing and mutual learning on the practices and examples of national space legislation and/or policies in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • To enhance the Asia-Pacific countries’ capacity to draft and implement their national space legislation and/or policies in accordance with international norms

The Initiative was reviewed at the APRSAF ExCom, proposed at the Space Policy Practitioners Workshop during APRSAF-26, and authorized at the Plenary Session of APRSAF-26.

The first phase of the Initiative was ended in December 2021, organizing a total of nineteen telephone conferences and reporting its activities to the APRSAF-27 Plenary. The report on the status of national space legislation prepared by the NSLI Study Group was jointly submitted by nine NSLI participating States to the 60th Session of the UNCOPUOS Legal Subcommittee (LSC).

The term of the Initiative was extended and renewed for its second phase from APRSAF-27 until the APRSAF-29 in 2023.

Outline of Activities:

  • Study Group will exchange information on national space legislation.
  • Study Group will draft a report on the status of national space legislation to be jointly submitted to the UNCOPUOS LSC by the NSLI participating States.


Membership is open to national governmental organizations of the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. An organization wishing to participate in the Initiative, please inform the NSLI Secretariat (

Framework of Operation

  • Initiative is open to national governmental organizations in the Asia-Pacific countries.
  • Participation is voluntary and cost of participation is covered by the participating organizations.
  • The term of the Initiative is about 2 years.
  • The membership of Study Group (SG) is nominated by the participating organization. SG is led by two co-chairs.
  • NSLI Secretariat is contributed by JAXA.
  • Participating organizations provide information on the national legislation using common form.
  • SG meets online and on the occasions such as UNCOPUOS and APRSAF depending on the situation to jointly study and draft a report on the national space legislation based on the information provided from each participating organization. The report includes some findings studied by SG.
  • SG may organize outreach events.