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The APRSAF online 2020 posters went to SPACE!

The APRSAF online 2020 posters were launched by SpaceX’s 24th Commercial Resupply Service mission using the SpaceX rocket Falcon 9. We made a large collage poster using all the posters. The size of the collage poster was about 30cm x 30cm. Traditional folding methods are too big to send this poster to the International Space Station (ISS), so we decided to use the "Miura fold" technique, which allows for a large poster to be folded in a small and convenient way. An astronaut unfolded and took photos and a video of the poster in the ISS.

The video of the poster in the ISS can be seen in the following YouTube link:

This project was conducted by JAXA in collaboration with the support of Lockheed Martin, Lagrange and Kokusai Sogo Kikaku.