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APRSAF Update <21 June 2023> - APRSAF Awards & SPLWG Open Call


  • [1] APRSAF Awards - 10 Days Left! | #APRSAF29
  • [2] SPLWG - Open Call for Sessions / Presentation Proposals
  • [1] APRSAF Awards - 10 Days Left! | #APRSAF29

    Ready to submit the nomination package?
    30 June is the last day of the submission of the nomination package for the 2023 APRSAF Awards.

    For the third year, APRSAF Awards has been attracting attention year by year as an important element of the APRSAF, which has now 30 years history for the purpose of enhancing space activities in the Asia-Pacific region. There must be many individuals or groups of people who have supported and contributed to the foundation of the space activities in our region. You definitely do not want to miss this opportunity to appreciate their tireless efforts and considerable contributions.

    Nomination package only consists of:

    i) a nomination letter,
    ii) a biography of a nominee and
    iii) three (3) letters of support.

    We very much look forward to receiving a nomination package from you!

    [2] SPLWG - Open Call for Sessions / Presentation Proposals

    There are still some available slots for a session at the Space Policy and Law Working Group (SPLWG). SPLWG Organizing Committee is more than welcome your session proposal or presentation abstract. Submission deadline is July 14. For more detail, please check SPLWG website at:

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