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APRSAF Update <26 May 2023> - APRSAF Awards - Voice from Awards Winners #3


  • [1] APRSAF Awards | #APRSAF29
  • [1] APRSAF Awards | #APRSAF29

    Further to Dr. Shofiyati’s voice on 12 May, the voice of Dr. M. Rokhis Khomarudin, 2022 APRSAF Space Achievement Award winner, is now available on our website. For researcher of the future generations, do you want to know the key to success? Dr. Khomarudin will give you the idea. Check it out!

    Sharing the voice of the Awards Winners with you, we are wondering if there is anyone or group of people around you who share the same passion with the past Awards Winners and has been engaged in the space field to work for the betterment of the society and the region. This is once-a-year opportunity for you to introduce them to the global space community and to draw its attention to their tireless efforts and contributions.
    We have 35 days to go before the due, June 30, for the submission of the nomination package. Welcome a lot of nominations!

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