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APRSAF Update <27 April 2023> - APRSAF Awards - Voice from Awards Winners #1


  • [1] 2023 APRSAF Awards
  • [1] 2023 APRSAF Awards

    As informed in the last news mail, APRSAF Secretariat is pleased to deliver our respectful APRSAF Awards winners' voice to you on its website from this month onwards. Here is a heads-up for you.

    Content: We asked the Award winners the following questions.

    (1) What inspired you to start the research activities (career) in space?
    (2) Please tell us one of the most challenging things in your research activities (or career).
         Having understood your challenges, what has motivated you to continue your research or career?
    (3) What is it for you to receive the APRSAF Award?
    (4) Please give some messages to young researchers active in the space field in the Asia-Pacific.

    Posting Schedule:

    (1) 27 April: Dr. NAKASUKA Shinichi, 2021 Asia-Pacific Region Excellence in Space Award
    (2) 12 May: Dr. Rizatus Shofiyati, 2022 APRSAF Space Achievement Award
    (3) 26 May: Dr. M. Rokhis Khomarudin, 2022 APRSAF Space Achievement Award
    (4) 9 June: Dr. SOBUE Shinichi, 2022 APRSAF Space Achievement Award

    You will receive sincere and encouraging messages from the Award winners. Do not miss out!

    For further information about 2023 APRSAF Awards, please visit the APRSAF Award website and follow us on Twitter at:

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