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APRSAF Update <11 November 2022> - Only 4 days! to the APRSAF-28.


  • [1] APRSAF-28 Updates
  • [2] 2022 APRSAF Awards Winners!
  • [1] APRSAF-28 Updates

    The 28th session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-28) is just around the corner! Please come and join us from Day 1, 15 November.
    Hope you will enjoy meeting with your old friends, create new networks, receive a lot of latest and useful information and bring them back to your home as valuable souvenir.

    [2] 2022 APRSAF Awards Winners!

    The APRSAF Awards Secretariat is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 APRSAF Awards. Please join us in congratulating them on their remarkable achievements!

    Asia-Pacific Region Excellence in Space Award: None

    APRSAF Space Achievement Award: Group Nomination

    Dr. M. Rokhis Khomarudin
    Research Professor,
    Research Center for Remote Sensing,
    Research Organization for Aeronautics and Space,
    National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)

    Dr. Rizatus Shofiyati
    Senior Researcher,
    Research Center for Geospatial,
    Research Organization for Earth Sciences and Maritime,
    National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN)

    Dr. SOBUE Shinichi
    ALOS-2 Mission Manager,
    Satellite Applications and Operations Center,
    Space Technology Directorate I,
    Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

    The Award Ceremony will be held at the APRSAF-28 Plenary Session on 18 November. For more information visit our website at:

    APRSAF Awards Ceremony
    18 November 2022 11:25 – 12:05 (Hanoi time) @ Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

    I hope you are all set for the travel to Hanoi. We are all excited at welcoming you in Hanoi next week!

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