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APRSAF Award Committee members appointed! <June 14, 2021>

Dear friends and colleagues of the APRSAF Community,

We are pleased to inform you that the APRSAF Award Committee has been formed with distinguished members from the Asia Pacific space community as shown here:

APRSAF Awards are established to support our activities and to make them sustainable by recognizing outstanding individual contributions in our community.
The APRSAF Awards will present the following two awards:
i) the Asia-Pacific Region Excellence in Space Award for an individual with outstanding contribution to space-related activities in the Asia-Pacific region
ii) the APRSAF Space Achievement Award for an individual with significant contribution to APRSAF activities.

The June 30 deadline is fast approaching, so don’t miss this opportunity to nominate inspiring colleagues in your community who deserve to be recognized with this important award!

Award recipients will be presented with a certificate signed by all members of the APRSAF Award Committee, a trophy, and an opportunity to make a presentation on the awarded achievements at the Award Ceremony which will be organized at the plenary of the APRSAF annual session.

More information is available on the APRSAF Awards website.

APRSAF Secretariat is looking forward to your nominations!
If you have any questions, please email the Award Secretariat at

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