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APRSAF Update November 22, 2021 <November 22, 2021>


  • [1] APRSAF-27 Updates – Networking Hub is now open!
  • [2] APRSAF-27 Poster Contest update
  • 1. APRSAF-27 Updates – Networking Hub is now open!

    APRSAF-27 has just kicked off its Networking Hub today (November 22)!
    This year, in order to facilitate communication amongst registered participants, we have provided an opportunity for everyone to interact with one another. To make the most of APRSAF-27, please visit our website to register!

    Already registered? Then visit your Mypage and start experiencing APRSAF-27 today.

    The APRSAF-27 website is updated daily, so please check back periodically. We hope to see you soon!

    2. APRSAF-27 Poster Contest

    Voting for the APRSAF27 Poster Contest is now open!
    This year, there are 30 great posters that passed the preliminary selection process, drawn by students from 10 different countries. For more details and to cast your vote, please visit the APRSAF-27 Poster Contest page:

    Votes are open until Nov. 26th. Anyone can vote, but votes by registered members attending APRSAF-27 will be regarded as more valuable. We hope you enjoy the APRSAF27 Poster Contest!

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