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APRSAF Update November 12, 2021 <November 12, 2021>


  • [1] APRSAF-27 Updates - Final Announcement
  • [2] 2021 APRSAF Award Winner!
  • [3] APRSAF-27 Poster Contest
  • News from APRSAF Community

  • [1] From SPACETIDE
  • 1. APRSAF-27 Updates - Final Announcement

    The Final Announcement for the 27th session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-27) is released today. The full contents of the Final Announcement are now available at the following APRSAF Website:

    Not registered yet? Registration deadline is just around the corner, so please register online by November 15, 2021. It’s Free of Charge, so why not register!?

    2. 2021 APRSAF Awards

    APRSAF Award Secretariat is excited to present a winner of the 2021 APRSAF Awards.
    [Asia-Pacific Region Excellence in Space Award]
    Dr. NAKASUKA Shinichi
    Professor, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

    Dr. NAKASUKA will be recognized for his outstanding contributions to the development of space applications such as CanSats, CubeSats and micro/nano-satellites, which have had profound impact on space-related activities in the Asia-Pacific region and around the globe. He has also contributed to the development of the next generation of aerospace professionals by being a strong advocate of the importance of higher education. He also serves as the General Chair of the University Space Engineering Consortium - Global (UNISEC - Global). For more information on his career and achievements, please refer to his biography on our website:

    3. APRSAF-27 Poster Contest

    Voting for the APRSAF27 Poster Contest has started today!
    This year, there are 30 great posters that passed the preliminary selection process, drawn by students from 10 different countries.
    For more details and to cast your vote, please visit the APRSAF-27 Poster Contest page:

    Votes are open until Nov. 26th. Anyone can vote, but votes by registered members attending APRSAF-27 (like you!) will be regarded as more valuable. We hope you enjoy the APRSAF27 Poster Contest!

    News from APRSAF Community

    1. From SPACETIDE

    Tickets are now on sale for one of the largest space business conferences in APAC
    - SPACETIDE 2021 Winter in Nihonbashi.

    We are pleased to announce that our 6th conference, SPACETIDE 2021 Winter, will take place on 13th-16th December. The theme of this conference will be “The Evolution of Commercial Space” and this four-day event will host approx. 100 speakers and 500 participants from around the world. The event will be hybrid (both virtual and in-person), so you can participate from anywhere! Ticket prices start from 10,000Yen (approx. 90 USD) for the virtual participation (access to live-streaming and recordings of all sessions throughout four days).

    <APAC Startup Pitch (Dec 15th) and Global Day (Dec 16th)>
    Over 60 industry leaders from around the world will gather in a hybrid format (both virtual and in-person). Companies including SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Rocket Lab, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Airbus, OneWeb, ICEYE, Mynaric, KSAT - Kongsberg Satellite Services, DCVC, Seraphim Space Camp and many more, will discuss the latest news emerging from the commercial side of the space industry. We will also have presentations from over 10 APAC start-ups.

    <Japan Day (Dec 13th) and Space-Enabled World (Dec 14th)>
    Approx. 40 leaders from the Japanese space industry will gather in Tokyo. In addition to space start-ups, a variety of large corporations such as Softbank , HONDA, TOYOTA, Kyocera, Mitsubishi, and several others, will share their passion and vision for the future of space.

    To learn more and register, please visit:
    For questions, please email:


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