Developing a National Space Ecosystem in a Global Space Community
Organizer Surrey Satellite technology Ltd. (SSTL)
Event Description

The event will be based on a panel discussion with 4-5 well-regarded stakeholders in national space ecosystems covering government, academia and industry. The host will raise discussion points to help share their thoughts and experiences in what factors they see as important in building a successful national space ecosystem, that can help make them successful in a regional and international space sector.

The planned session is for 60 minutes, with 15 minutes devoted to Q&A. The host will have prepared questions shared on Powerpoint slides, and audience participation of Q&A will also be supported.

A panel is planned with participants from Asian Space Agencies, NGOs, Academia and Indutry representatives to provide their point of view on creating successfuly space ecosystems at the national and regional level.

Panelists include:
- Ms. Lynette Tan, Chief Executive, Singapore Space & Technology Ltd.
- Ms. Rei Kawashima, Secretary General, UNISEC-Global
- Mr. Chris Blackerby, Group COO and Director, Astroscale
- Dr. Damrongrit Niammuad, an Acting Deputy Executive Director, GISTDA
- Mr. Yudi Hasabi, Senior Researcher in Satellite Technology Center, LAPAN

Date Tuesday, November 24
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Contact Person Kasia Clatworthy
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Asia-Pacific Space Generation Online Workshop 2020
Organizer Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)
Event Description

Asia-Pacific Space Generation Online Workshop 2020 (AP-SGOW 2020) consists of working groups, speaker sessions and meet-up sessions. The event will happen from 28th November to 6th December, on four days (two weekends) online and time located for one day is maximum 5 hours.

Working group session is the main priority of the program. Participants will be separated into 4 or 5 working groups to discuss space related topics which are relevant to Asia-
Pacific region. Topics will be determined by AP-SGOW 2020 organizing team and sponsors. The results of the discussion will be presented through participants at the end of the workshop and will ultimately be submitted to the UN COPUOS via SGAC annual report. The participants are encouraged to work more towards the topic and submit a paper.

Speaker session is also related to working group topics. Experts in the space sector will be invited to give a speech about each working group topic. They will inspire delegates from their expertise and experience. Also, some speakers from AP-SGOW 2020 are invited to give speeches to enhance their presence in the network of Asia-Pacific region.

Networking or meet-up session is the other section of the program and there are different activities to build the network among participants and high-level space professionals.
One is speed mentoring and networking which give the opportunity for the participants to strengthen their network with the next space leaders in the Asia-Pacific region. Participants will get a chance to identify about different cultures in Asia-Pacific region through international night. In that session they are invited to share their country’s history, culture, food and so on. Other than that, there are many fun activities and challenges throughout the session to make participants more interacted in online situation.

Date four days between 28th November and 6th December.
(28th November, 29th November, 5th December and 6th December)
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Contact Person Uthpala Perera
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Asia Pacific Space Diplomacy Dialogue
Organizer Pacific Forum
Event Description

Pacific Forum will take the lead in organizing the APSDD with institutional partners across the region from governments, private sector, academia, and civil society organizations.
Pacific Forum will invite experts from the Asia Pacific to assess the progress of the Space Solutions for the Pacific Project and identify potential challenges and opportunities in expanding cooperation. The virtual dialogue will help canvass convergence and divergence, enabling better policy coordination, allocation of resources, and leveraging of comparative advantages. We will also conduct scenario-based planning activities on how space-based technologies can help anticipate events that may cause disruptive effects in the future.

Date Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 0am to 3:15am (UTC)
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Live Streaming
Contact Person Dr. Crystal Pryor
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