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News and Updates

Poster Contest Calendar for 2021

APRSAF Space Education Working Group proudly presents the 2021 calendar with the creative artworks of children in Asia and the Pacific that were exhibited in APRSAF Online 2020 Poster Contest.
(Click the image of the calendar to go to the download page.)

These Calendar PDF data are non-editable.
If you want to localize calendar date text,
please contact ap_poster_eduml.jaxa.jp.

The result of APRSAF-26 Water Rocket Event

APRSAF-26 Water Rocket Event has been held from November 22nd to November 24th in Sagamihara, Japan.
65 students pariticpated in the competition and the awards went to following students. Congratulations!

1st Place (1.34m)
Mr. U.G. Didula Adithya (Sri Lanka)

2nd Place (1.47m)
Mr. Mohamad Ashraf Mohd Salim (Malaysia)

3rd Place (1.73m)
Ms. Maria Jose Mercado (Colombia)

Best Combined Score (3.30m and 1.34m)
Mr. U.G. Didula Adithya (Sri Lanka)

- APRSAF-26 Water Rocket Event Report

The result of APRSAF-26 Poster Contest

APRSAF-26 Poster contest has been held from November 26th to November 29th at Nagoya Convention Center, the venue of APRSAF-26 Session.
156 ballots were voted for this contest and 4 posters won the following awards. Congratulations!

Best Poster Award (30 votes)
Miss Michelle Fiona (Indonesia)

Special Poster Award (16 votes)
Mr. MD Rittik (Bangladesh)

Special Poster Award (15 votes)
Miss Natwara Sanewirush (Thailand)

JAXA Award
Miss Hansi Sneha Riswan (Sri Lanka)

2020 Calender will be available shortly.

- APRSAF-26 Poster Contest Report