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As the major task of APRSAF is the strengthening of space activities in the Asia-Pacific region by cooperation of the according countries the logo transforms the main forum features visually if not to say in three dimensions.

The logo recreates a galaxy in an abstract manner finding a striking symbol for the topic of space. The single points stands for the stars that means the members and attendees of the APRSAF meetings.

The sign represents the association with a dynamic process of networking in an open yet organised formation: facing the challenges of the future.

Logo data (for printing, etc.)

Logo for each annual meeting

Local host organization produces the logo of their co-hosting meeting.

Logo data (for printing, etc.)

Logo for past annual meetings

Usage Note

Do not move the layout and position of the logo.
Do not change the color. Follow the manual of the color in different version.
Follow the manual of the width of space.

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