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  5. space technology of Vietnam until 2020

Strategy for research and application of space technology of Vietnam until 2020

Objectives of the strategy:

Until 2010:

  • To form the national policy and legal frame for research, application and international cooperation on space technology, human resource policies; to coordinate the research and application operation at government level; to strengthen the organization, material facilities and ability of institute, education and application systems in space technology; to establish the space technology institute.
  • To build the initial infrastructure for space technology including: ground station and center for satellite image processing, satellite based positioning system; to launch and operate the VINASAT telecommunications satellite; to adopt the small satellite technology transfer; to accomplish the design, manufacture and launch 01 earth observation small satellite; to accomplish and operate the corresponding ground stations.
  • To plan and carry out a national science-technology program on space technology. To self-educate aerospace engineer; to cooperate with countries having developed space science and technology in research and education, in order to have high knowledge experts. To self-manufacture some hardware products (ground station's instruments) and software (image processing, information security, and the software for satellite design, etc)
  • To achieve average level of the region about the infrastructure and space technology research and application

Until 2020:

  • To master the manufacture technology of ground station, self-manufacture the ground stations having competitive price; to master the small satellite technology, self-design and manufacture of earth observation small satellite; to master the rocket technology; to educate high knowledge staff, satisfy the need of space technology development and application in Vietnam, upgrade and bring into effect the invested infrastructure.
  • To upgrade the initial infrastructure through preparing the plan and solution for launching the second telecommunications satellite to satisfy the requirement of telecommunications service application and internal broadcast. To manufacture and launch some earth observation small satellites, reduce the need of buying satellite images from foreign countries. To complete the satellite based positioning system.
  • To apply the space science and technology to reality, and satisfy the need of service, education, health, etc. To expand and commercialize the products applied space technology.
  • To achieve good level of the region about the space technology research and application.


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