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  4. [[Series 4: PSLV Successfully Launched Ten Satellites]] - IMS-1, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India-

[[Series 4: PSLV Successfully Launched Ten Satellites]]
- IMS-1, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India-

The first mission of the Indian Mini Satellite Series, IMS-1 has been developed taking advantage of the improvements in technology and miniaturization. The satellite bus has the capability of carrying various payloads addressing applications in remote sensing, communication and space science. The first in the series, IMS-1 is a state of the art small satellite mission, carrying miniaturized versions of Hyper Spectral and Multi Spectral cameras.

Launch and Orbit: IMS-1 was launched successfully on April 28th 2008 on PSLV-C9 as a copassenger along with Cartosat -2A from SDSC, Sriharikota, India. The satellite has been launched into a low earth Polar Sun-synchronous orbit of altitude around 630 km with a local time of 9.30 am (descending) and a mission life of about two years.

Payloads: IMS-1 carries two payloads namely the Multi Spectral Camera and Hyper Spectral Camera.

Multi Spectral Camera - The Multi-spectral CCD camera is a 4-Band camera with ground resolution of 37 meters and swath of 151 Km enabling real time imaging and its data reception in near real time and data product generation by the users. The four spectral bands are B1 (0.45-0.52 micro meter), B2 (0.52-0.59 micro meter), B3 (0.62-0.68 micro meter) and B4 (0.77 - 0.86 micro meter). The data from Multi Spectral camera will have applications in many diverse fields of earth resource surveys, environmental monitoring and disaster management. The data will have potential applications in agriculture, forestry, soil surveys, geology and coastal zone management studies.

Multi Spectral camera Image - Rameswaram , Tamil Nadu

Hyper Spectral Camera: The Hyper Spectral Imager is an imager for ocean and atmosphere study of surface in large number of bands with high spectral resolution. The instrument provides hyper spectral remote sensing capabilities in narrow and contiguous 64 bands in the VNIR region. The imager will provide data in < 15nm bandwidth having sampling interval of 8nm with 550 meter spatial resolution and 128 Km swath. Spectral separation is realized using the wedge filter technique making use of APS (Active Pixel sensor) area device for detection.

Hyper Spectral camera Image - Part of Madhya Pradesh

Operations :
Three orbit maneuvers were performed to achieve the proposed orbit of 626 kms. The first Multi-spectral Camera payload operation was done in Orbit-16 on Day-2 after launch and HySI payload was operated in Orbit-31 on Day-3. Both payloads are performing well and sending clear imageries.


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