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News Mails - 2015

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News Mail No. 135 Nov/26/2015


  • 1. News on APRSAF: APRSAF-22 to Start Soon
  • 2. News from APRSAF Community: Indonesian Students Talk with Astronaut Noguchi
  • 3. Event Calendar
  • 4. VAST Celebrates its 40th Anniversary
  • 5. LAOSAT-1 Lunched Successfully
  • 6. Australia to Review Laws about Civil Space Activities

* 1. News on APRSAF: APRSAF-22 to Start Soon

We are pleased to inform you that the twenty-second session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF-22) will begin next week. For the latest information on APRSAF-22 including the updated program, please visit the ARPSAF website:
- Final Announcement

If you plan to participate in APRSAF and have not yet registered, please complete the online registration as soon as possible.

* 2. News from APRSAF Community: Indonesian Students Talk with Astronaut Noguchi

On October 10, 2015, Indonesian students talked with JAXA astronaut Soichi Noguchi through the video conference system at the LAPAN Space Science Center in Bandung, Indonesia. Organized by the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Indonesia, this event had 170 participants including 115 students. Following a lecture by astronaut Noguchi, a Q&A session was held, and the students were excited and encouraged by the astronaut's answers.

For further information on the event, including some examples of the questions and answers, as well as pictures, please visit the KUOA website:

* 3. Event Calendar

- Global Space & Technology Convention (GSTC) 2016
(February 11-12, 2015, Singapore)

* 4. VAST Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) celebrated its 40th anniversary by organizing a seminar that focused on its significant achievements and research accomplishments since its establishment. The seminar, held on October 6 and 7, was attended by 9 sub-committees of VAST. The participants recognized VAST's significant role over 40 years in leading the country in many areas including space technology. An exhibition on science and technology was also held to showcase the technological achievements of VAST.


* 5. LAOSAT-1 Lunched Successfully

On November 21, LAOSAT-1 communication satellite was successfully launched by Long March 3B. LAOSAT-1 is the country's first satellite, and will provide satellite broadcasting services from the geostationary orbit for the Mekong region.

- CNSA News (in Chinese)
- Vientiane Times

* 6. Australia to Review Laws about Civil Space Activities

On October 24, the Australian government announced that it would review the Space Activities Act 1998, the legislation governing civil space activities in Australia, in stages. This review aims to keep up with global trends and technological developments with no additional unnecessary obstacles to private investment. The review will be conducted with the involvement of governments, researchers, industry, and the public. Public consultations will be held from February to April 2016.

- Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne Media Release
- Department of Communications and the Arts

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