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News Mails - 2006

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APRSAF News <11 Aug 2006 #006>

************************************* T O P I C S ******************************************

1. [[Interview]]
Interview with Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA)

2. [[ Space News in AP region]]
< Countdown SELENE - New Generation in Lunar Exploration ->

3. [[ The APRSAF website Information- June 2006 ]]


1. [[Interview]]
Interview with GISTDA

We had two interviews: one with Mrs. Praneet Ditsariyakul and one with Mr. Chaiyan Maolanont of Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA).
1. Interview with Mrs. Praneet Ditsariyakul, Director of User Service and Business Development Office.
We interviewed her about the following:
*GISTDA Establishment and Organization
*GISTDA Main Business (Mission)
*Thailand Satellite “THEOS” including Data Utilization
*Cooperation with Other Countries
*Disaster Management in Thailand
*Training for Remote Sensing
*Future Plan

Mrs. Ditsariyakul told us what GISTDA expects from THEOS. GISTDA believes that THEOS will be very useful in disaster management, satellite mapping, etc. There will be more chances to get images of disaster areas by controlling and re-programming the satellite.
She also told us that international cooperation was vital and that THEOS would greatly serve with its data sharing in the mitigation of disaster damages such as flooding, landslide, etc.

2. Interview with Mr. Chaiyan Maolanont, Director of Earth Observation Center.
We interviewed him about the following:
*Establishment of a Ground Station
*Satellite Data Reception
*Cooperation with Other Countries
*Future Plan
The Thai Ground Station started receiving LANDSAT data in 1982, and now receives data from several satellites such as LANDSAT, SPOT, RADARSAT, IKONOS, etc.
Mr. Maolanont told us that GISTDA is building a new ground station in Siracha, which will be completed in the middle of 2007.
The full version of these interviews will be uploaded to the APRSAFwebsite

2. [[ Space News in AP region]]

Countdown SELENE - New Generation in Lunar Exploration - was held on 31 July 2006 in Tokyo. This symposium was to present the SELENE mission and its progress towards launch, and also JAXA's future moon exploration plan. In addition, overseas space organization representatives gave presentations and panelists from various fields including planetary science, astronomy, manned-space activity, engineering, and art discussed the prospects for SELENE, etc.
The following were presented at the symposium:
[ Plan of Japanese Lunar Exploration ]
- Japan will land on the moon about the year 2020.
- In 2030, Japan plans to build its own lunar base and keep two or three people at the base.
- JAXA will launch three unmanned lunar probes in the next 10 years and make the foundation for lunar base construction.
JAXA will launch the satellite “SELENE” which will circle and investigate the moon next year. According to the plan, an unmanned lunar probe successor of SELENE will be launched around 2013 and will attempt to land on the moon. Also, an unmanned probe to conduct resource investigation on the moon will be launched around 2015. On the other hand, a proposal was also shown of a Japanese original manned transport (spacecraft) for around 2015.
Two or three Japanese astronauts will stay at the lunar base. A power generation/accumulation system, a research institution, etc. will be put together in a building, and we can imagine that the lunar bases of other countries will be scattered in the surroundings.
Moreover, it was also shown that the research of the succeeding asteroid probe of “HAYABUSA” landed on the asteroid “ITOKAWA” would be advanced and its launch is scheduled by 2010 at the earliest. “HAYABUSA” aims to land on an asteroid other than “ITOKAWA”.
Many people participated in the symposium. They made questions and gave opinions about the lunar exploration/space field from a different point of view than experts. This showed the importance of holding this kind of symposium to hear the public opinion in order to advance effectively in the lunar exploration.

3. [[ Information about the APRSAF website- July 2006 ]]

<< Newly Added Information >>
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- Result of the meeting and photographs
* APRSAF Workshop for the Satellite Communications Experiments *
-Result of the workshop, photographs and presentation materials
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-Introduction of the JAXA DMSSO
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