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National Flag

The flag of the Kingdom of Siam was created during the reign of King Rama II and flew on all Siamese sea-going vessels The symbol of a white elephant on a red background was chosen because white elephants are considered very auspicious by Thais. King Rama II was known as the 'White Elephant King' as he had three of these noble animals in his possession during his reign. The five horizontal stripes of three colors-red, white, and blue-have very significant meanings. Red signifies the life-blood of Thai people; the white stripe symbolizes the purity of Buddhism, the national religion; and the dominant blue stripe, the monarchy and the important part it plays in the daily life of the Thai people.
The present national flag , the "Trai-rong" or three colors , was designed by King Rama VI and was first used on September 28, 1917.
Thailand's national flag is raised daily at 8.00 am and lowered at 6.00 pm at all official buildings, public places, large private enterprises, and schools, usually to the accompaniment of the Thai National Anthem. The flag is also flown nationwide on national holidays.

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