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National Flag

The Philippine National Flag is the national emblem of the country. It stand for unity and national identity. It expressed the Filipinos sentiments for freedom, equality and justice.
The National Flag has the unique distinction of being the only flag in the world signifying peace or war. In time of peace, the blue striped is on the top of the red. In time of war, the red stripe is on top of the blue.
The equilateral triangle on the left side of the flag is symbolic of equality among men. The eight rays of the Philippine sun in the triangle represents the first eight provinces that revolted the Spanish rule. The three stars on each corner of the triangle stand for the geographic divisions of the country: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.
The red stripe symbolizes the willingness of the Filipino to shed blood in defense of his country. The blue stand for common unity and the noble aspiration of the Filipino people.

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