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Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert occupies more than 400,200 sq. km of the South Mongolia. Though popular perception of deserts is that of endless sand dunes, only three percent of the Gobi Desert are actually covered by sands, the rest made of rocky mountains and valleys. It is not rare to come across a small salty pond or bushes. The desert ecosystem supports goats and camels and such rare animals as snow leopard, ibex, wild sheep and goats, wild horse and antelopes. Even about two dozens of bears, known as Mazaalai bear, found a niche in Gobi Desert.
Gobi Desert is also known as a treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. From here American paleontologist R.Ch.AndrewsAfs expedition extracted back in 20s most rare artifacts now making the pride of the exhibition at New York Museum of Natural History.

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