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National Flower

The national flower is the bunga raya (hibiscus) which has an interesting history. No one knows when flower was first introduced to Malaysia but undoubtedly it came by trade from its original homeland in China, Japan and the Pacific Islands, probably before the 12th century.
From early times the bunga raya has been known to have many uses, mostly medicinal. Its petals were commonly used to darken and enhance women's eyebrows: some people still use the roots of the flower as a cure for fever and other ailments. Skin eruptions and glandular trouble are said to relieved by the application of the juice obtained from its leaves and roots, while a poultice prepared from the leaves is often applied to cure headache.
The bunga raya is found abundantly in Malaysia today. It grows in several varieties of color: the red, five-petalled grows in several varieties type was chosen for Malaysia's national flower.

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