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We introduce representative Japanese foods as follows.
Please appreciate it by all means.

KAISEKI-RYOURI --Meal served before a tea ceremony--

The word kaiseki which literally means warm stone referred to a warmed stone that Zen monks placed on their empty stomachs to ward off hunger. Nowadays it's a bit more substantial fare, with raw fish, tofu and other simple dishes.

TEMPURA --Deep-flied seafood and vegetables--

Tempura was introduced into Japan by Christian missionaries in the middle of the 16th century, the word probably deriving from the Portuguese word tempeto which means cooking. It's served with a dipping sauce that contains grated radish, which helps to digest oil.

SUSHI --Raw fish on vinegared rice--

Originally a quick snack sold at stalls on the street, sushi has become one of the world's most expensive foods, largely because only the very freshest fish can be used safely. Unlike most Japanese foods, it's okay to eat sushi with your fingers. A gourmet turns the piece sea-side down, dips it lightly into some soy sauce and stuffs it into his mouth upside down.

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