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Native Animals

You can see a hopping kangaroo or running emu (a large flightless bird) while driving through Australian countryside. National symbols are found throughout the continent in large numbers. Australia's very distinctive fauna also includes over 230 species of native mammal, 300 species of lizard, 140 species of snake and two species of crocodile.
The better known natives animals are

The kangaroo

Unique to Australia and New Guinea, the kangaroo is Australia's best-known native animal. Kangaroos are distinctive with their short forelimbs, front opening pouches and large muscular tails used for balance. It's estimated that there are about 40 million kangaroos in Australia!

The koala

Koalas can be spotted in national parks and forests along the east coast, where they climb high up in eucalyptus trees. To see these cute and cuddly animals up close, visit one of the many wildlife sanctuaries.

The wombat

Small and bear-like, wombats have a large blunt head, short legs and are nocturnal. Be careful on country roads as these cute little bears have a tendency to amble across the road.

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