Dr. NAKASUKA Shin'ichi

Professor, University of Tokyo

Prof. Nakasuka graduated from University of Tokyo in 1983 and got Ph.D in 1988. He joined IBM Research during 1988-1990, and then worked for Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Tokyo as a lecturer in 1990, as an Associate Professor, and became a Professor in 2004.
He is a member of JSASS, SICE, and IAA, and the former Chairperson of IFAC Aerospace Technical Committee and current president of UNISEC-GLOBAL.
His major research areas include micro/nano/pico-satellites, autonomy and intelligence for space systems, novel space systems, and guidance, navigation and control of spacecraft. He developed and launched 11 micro/nano/pico-satellites successfully including the world first CubeSat.
Member of Space Policy Committee of Japanese government since 2012.