Ms. Lynette Tan

Chief Executive,
Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL)

Lynette is the Chief Executive of the Singapore Space and Technology Limited (SSTL), previously the Singapore Space & Technology Association (SSTA). Lynette identifies new opportunities and develops effective ways for government, companies, and individuals to partake in the emerging Asian space industry. SSTL collaborates with international organizations including Singapore Land Authority and the World Bank to identify use cases for satellite technologies for infrastructure planning and economic development. She runs a space tech accelerator in Singapore and is also the managing Partner of Project Cyclotron, an exclusive programme that assists early stage, deep tech, space start-ups. She is a Karman Fellow, an international award given to individuals whose achievements in space are outstanding. She is an advisor to German space startup MyelinS. Lynette received her Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Stanford.