Mr. Avi Blasberger

Israel Space Agency (ISA)

Avi Blasberger is the Director of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) - Ministry of Science and Technology since may 2016.

Avi Blasberger holds B.Sc. & M.Sc in Mechanical engineering from Ben Gurion University and EMBA ( Executive Management Business Administration) from Tel-Aviv University.

Avi served at ELOP/ELBIT in various positions, most of them were space related, among them VP of Imagery Intelligence Division which was responsible for all airborne and spaceborne electro-optical observation systems in ELBIT. Avi acted as VP at Elbit Systems Electro-Optics until 2014. During this period Avi served as a Member of the Advisory Board of the Israeli Space Agency (ISA) and a Member of the Advisory Board for the HLS committee of The Israel Export Institute.

In a later phase, Avi had consulted to Samuel Neaman Institute for national research policy & served as the secretary of the space Committee of the National Council for R & D. During that period Avi studied for PhD. in Astrophysics in the Technion.