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The 9th Session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum

Working Groups

Space Environment Utilization Working Group

Follow-ups to APRSAF-9

To seek the possibility of joint research in Space Environmental Utilization Field such as holding the cooperation workshop, we are making the list of the researchers who has a possibility to cooperate with. We've already asked some researchers in Japan and Korea.

Dr. Muneo Takaoki, WG Chairperson

Result of APRSAF-9

At APRSAF-9, the Space Environmental Utilization Working Group (WG) consists of the participants (See below) under its own concept (See below).

At the working group, the following presentations were made and discussed based upon them:

  • " Action items (APRSAF-8) "Easy access to space" " by Dr. Yoshinori Fujimori (NASDA, Japan)
  • " Ionospheric observation using Korean Satellites" by Professor Kyung W. Min (KAIST, Korea)
  • " Current status of ACCESS program" by Dr. Hae-Jin-Choi (KARI, Korea)
  • " Current topics and issues in space medicine" by Dr. Won-Keun Lee (Asiana Airline, Korea)
  • " Application of remotesensing and geographic information system on environment monitoring" by Mr. Sitha Phouyavong (Sci. Tech. & Environment Agency, Laos)
  • " Investigations of fluid behavior in microgravity environment and its induced electromagnetics/MHD effects, and Predicted Example of Density Driven Flow in EOR process" by Professor Utoro Sastrokusumo (Institute Tech. Bandung, Indonesia)
  • " Ground Based Microgravity Experiment" by Dr. Muneo Takaoki (NASDA Japan)
  • Malaysian representative expressed nation’s space utilization plan including astronaut training.

As the result of discussion at WG, the recommendations were proposed as follows:

  1. The space environment utilization working group’s mission is to establish the framework for future collaborations.
  2. Collaborations will include utilizations of short-term microgravity such as parabolic flight, drop shaft, sounding rockets.
  3. Information exchange on ISS utilization should be encouraged(1) NASDA will provide information packages depicting space environment utilization project, including microgravity science, technology development, industrial research, general applications.(2) WG members will provide their own activities, problems, etc.
  4. Personal exchange(1) Space environment utilization research center of NASDA has invited scientist program.(2) Japanese Science and Technology Corporation (JST) personnel exchange program is helpful to invite Asian scientists to NASDA.(3) Personnel exchange program should be encouraged under APRSAF initiative.
  5. Personnel directoryWG participants list will be posted in NASDA website (TBD) to facilitate information exchange.

For further information, see “the WG Report and its Participants List” as follows

*WG Concept at APRSAF-9

*WG Report from APRSAF-9

*The Participant List



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