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The 9th Session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum

Working Groups

Space Education and Awareness Working Group

Status of Hands-on Space Education in Japan

Proposed by Prof. Young-Keun Chang, Hankuk Aviation University as a good example in APRSAF countries, we'd like to introduce in this homepage an activity of the University Space Engineering Consortium (UNISEC) and the Space Educational in Tokai University (Tokai Student Rocket Project (TSRP) in Japan.

  • UNISEC Activities Focused on Satellite Activities
  • Space Education Project in Tokai University

Technical Workshop on Satellite Application for Effective Disaster Reduction

The members have been actively exchanging information and suggestions.
After the KOREA meeting, the following actions have been taken.

I myself first circulated the information on NASA education, which has enormous number of education materials.
I have communicated Mr Padmasiri de Alwis (Sri Lanka) who has a lot of education materials. He gave us some information on the material.
Space weather CD ROM which was originally made for education in Europe by Dr Jensen of Germany was distributed to the members upon request.
Prof. Chang proposed to encourage the University Space Consortium to promote the space technology for education. This should be a good idea. At least the APRSAF home page might report on the activity of UNISEC so that Asian countries take this as a model.

In Japan, quite many education-related activities are being conducted such as cosmic college at Tsukuba, four days education at ISAS and so on.

Prof. Koh-Ichiro Oyama, WG Chairperson

Result of APRSAF-9

At APRSF-9, the Space Education and Awareness Working Group (WG) consists of participants (See below)under its own concept (See below).

At the working group, the following presentation were made and discussed based upon them:

  • "The Status of Space Education and Awareness in Korea" by Prof. Young-Keun Chang (Hankuk Aviation Univ., Korea)
  • "Space education with prefectual education committee" by Mr. Tomohiro Ichikawa(JAMSS, Japan)・"Education and Awareness Short Presentation" by Mr. De Alwis Sanath Padmasiri (Ministry of Science and Technology, Sri Lanka)
  • "Proposal of RS/GIS Education/Training and Related Activity at Asian Inst. of Technology" by Prof. Michiro Kusanagi (AIT)
  • "Eduspace, The European Earth Observation Website for Secondary Schools" by Mr. Bigot Jean-Charles(ESA)

As the result of discussion at WG, the recommendations were proposed as follows:

  • The importance of information materials,
  • Distant education and caravan type of space technology promotion to be considered,
  • Small satellites such as pico,nano and microsatellites are useful tool,
  • The fundraising is required to execute the agenda.

For further information, see "the WG Report and its Participants List" as follows:


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