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The 9th Session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum

Working Groups

Earth Observation Working Group

At the working group, the following presentations were made and discussed based upon them:

  • "Earth Observations for Sustainable Development Lessons from India" by Dr. Venkatraman Subay Hegde (ISRO, India)
  • "Current Situation of ANDES (Asia-Pacific Network for Disaster mitigation using Earth Observation Satellite) " by Dr. Haruo Sawada (FFPRI, Japan)
  • "Utilization of International Space Station (ISS) for Earth Observation " by Mr. Masahiko Nagai(JAMSS, Japan)
  • "Introduction to Status of KOMPSAT-2 development and Satellite Integration and Test Center of KARI " by Dr. Eun-Sup Sim (KARI, Korea)
  • "Plans for meteorological application using COMeS(Communication Ocean and Meteorological Satellite)" by Dr. Myong-Hwan Ahn (Meteorological Research Inst., Korea)
  • "Tropical Storm, Vamei " by Mr. Bun Liong Saw (Malaysian Meteorological Service, Malaysia)
  • "Land cover of mapping of Mongolia " by Mr. Sodov Khudulmur, (NRSC, Mongolia)
  • "Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems in Myanmar " by Mr. Myint Swe (Forest Dept., Myanmar)
  • "Application of Remote Sensing for Forest Inventory in Nepal " by Mr. Ananta V. Parajuli (Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation, Nepal)
  • "Natural Hazards Mitigation in Pakistan " by Mr. Ashiq Muhammad (SUPARCO, Pakistan)
  • "Disaster Mitigation and Remote Sensing in the Philippines " by Dr. Alan L. Pineda (DOST, The Philippines)
  • "Natural Hazards Mitigation in Sri Lanka " by Mr. Ranasinghe Silva (Ministry of Lands, Sri Lanka)
  • "Thesis of the Russian Aviation Space Agency Presentation" by Mr. Alexey S. Movlyav (SOVINFORMSPUTNIK, Russia)
  • "Monitoring of Natural Disasters using Remote Sensing in Thailand" by Dr. Wicha Jiwalai(GISTDA, Thailand)
  • The International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" by Mr. Bigot Jean-Charles(ESA)
  • "Regional cooperative mechanisms in space technology applications for disaster management " by Mr. Nokeo Ratanavong(UN/ESCAP)
  • "Monitoring Potential Glaciers Lake Outburst Floods in Nepal Himalayas using Earth Observation Satellite ? a case study " by ICIMOD- by Mr. Sushil Raj Pandey(ICIMOD)

As the result of discussion at WG, the recommendations were proposed as follows:

  • Agree to promote satellite data use for natural and environmental disaster monitoring and mitigation through planned pilot projects and capacity building,
  • Welcome to harmonize with Disaster Charter to mitigate and quick recovery from disaster damage,
  • Endorse to establish satellite image archive (dispersive/intergrated) to facilitate satellite image data to the APRSAF member countries,
  • Request continuous support of capacity building through education, hands-on training by supported resource countries,
  • Recommend to continue and enhance APRSAF framework to exchange views and opinions among Asia-Pacific member countries.

For further information, see "the WG Report and its Participant List" as follows


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