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The 9th Session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum

Working Groups

Communication Satellite Applications Working Group

At the APRSAF-9, the Communication Satellite Applications Working Group (WG) consists of participants (See below) under its own concept (See below).

At the working group, the following presentations were made and discussed based upon them:

"Mobile Communication Technology for Medical Care and Triage" by Prof. Utoro Sastrokusmo (ITB, Indonesia)
"Lapan Micro-Satellite Development Program in Indonesia" by Mr. Wisjnu Permana Marsis (LAPAN, Indonesia)
"Outline of ETS-VIII Projects & Outline of WINDS Projects" by Mr. Takahiro Ueno (NASDA, Japan)
"Introduction to ETRI’s Projects and Proposals on the International Collaboration" by Dr. Deock-Gil Oh (ETRI, Korea)
"Natural Hazards Monitoring in Pakistan" by Mr. Ashiq Muhammad (SUPARCO, Pakistan)
"Satellite Communication Application: The Philippines Experience" by Dr. Alexander A. Lim (DOST, The Philippines)
"Ionospheric scintillation and its impact on satellite communication system" by Dr. Suthichai Noppanakeeong (KMITL, Thailand)
"Thesis of the Russian Aviation Space Agency Presentation at APRSAFR-9" by Dr. Georgy M. Polishchuk and Mr. Alexander A. Kolodyazhny (Rosavia Kosmos, Russia)
"UNESCAP Efforts on Satellite Broadband towards Information Society" by Mr. Wu Guoxiang (UN/ESCAP)

As the result of discussion at WG, the recommendations were proposed as follows:

  • Promote Satellite Communication Experiments toward Information Society
  • Utilize Website to Inform Members
    i. Status of Collaborations
    ii. Success Outcome
  • Personnel Exchange Program Should be Encouraged

For further information, see "the WG Report and its Participants List" as follows:


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