Mr. TASAKI Kazuyuki

Director, International Relations and Research Department
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Academic background

Graduated from Iowa State University, B.S. of Aerospace Engineering, in 1982


1986: Jointed National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA ; former JAXA’s entity and station ed at Earth Observation Center (EOC)
1988: JEM Development Project , Engineer
1995: NASDA Houston Liaison Office, Deputy Director
1998: Program Management Office of Space Utilization Promotion Department , Senior Engineer
2000: JEM Development Project, S enior Engineer
2007: JEM Development & Operations Project, Function Manager
JEM 1J/A and 1J Launch Package Manager
2008: JAXA Paris Office, Director
2011: Manager, Space Environment Utilization Center
2015: Deput y Director, JEM Utilization Center
2016: Director, JEM Utilization Center
April 2018: Director, Astronaut and Operation Control Unit
April 2022: Director, International Relations and Re search Department