Mr. TAKATA Shinichi

Advisor to the Director, J-SPARC Producer, Business Development and Industrial Relations Department, JAXA

Shinichi Takata is an Advisor to the Director and Business J-SPARC Producer in Business Development and Industrial Relations Department, JAXA.

In 2018, He launched the J-SPARC (JAXA Space Innovation through Partnership and Co-creation) program and is promoting multiple value co-creation activities aimed at improving JAXA’s R&D capabilities and creating new commercial businesses in the field of the Manned space business, space transportation business, etc.

In 2022, he has also launched a new program for mission expansion of small-satellite and is eagerly working to realize innovative and challenging small satellite missions through collaboration between industry, academia, and JAXA, and to expand the use of Japan's commercial small space transportation services.

He was engaged in rocket engine development and system integration of the H-IIA launch vehicle (2001-2005), development and operation of the H-II Transfer Vehicle (HTV) (2005-2014), and international coordination of the International Space Station (ISS) program in Houston (2014-2017).