Mr. Uri Oron

Israel Space Agency (ISA)

Uri Oron is the Director of the Israel Space Agency, a national agency operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. The Agency is responsible for initiating, leading and coordinating all activities of the civilian space program.

Brigadier General (reserve) Uri Oron is a fighter pilot with command and operational experience of over thirty-two years in the Israel Air Force, having served in various positions, including the head of the Israel Air Force’s Intelligence Directorate and as head of the Israel Defense Force’s Operations Division.

Prior to joining the Israel Space Agency, Mr. Oron managed operations in an Israeli Artificial Intelligence start-up. Mr. Oron has extensive experience in managing complex systems and implementing state-of-the-art technologies, based on broad-scale strategies. He has led innovative projects in the space field in collaboration with the IDF, defense industries, interfacing with the political echelon.

Oron has earned a bachelor’s degree with distinction from Haifa University and is a graduate of Israel's National Security College.