Senior Chief Officer of Earth Observation Missions

Hirabayashi Takeshi is the Senior Chief Officer of Earth Observation Missions and the Director of Satellite Applications and Operations Center (SAOC) at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
He is currently responsible for promoting satellite applications in the field of Earth observation and analysing Earth observation satellite data.
Formerly, Mr. Hirabayashi was the Project Manager of GOSAT-2 Project Team (Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite-2 Project Team) from 2014-2019 and has held various management posts in JAXA including Satellite System Technology Group, Positioning Satellite System Technology Office and Strategic Planning and Management Department. Over 34-year career at JAXA, he has experience in Satellite Development Project, Satellite Launch, Planning/Risk Management and Budget.

Mr. Hirabayashi graduated from School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1986.