Dr. K. R. Manjunath

Earth Observation Applications & Disaster Management Support Programme Office (EDPO),

Functional responsibility:
Development of Techniques for Remote Sensing of Agriculture, Geosphere & Biosphere Programme

Field of Expertise:
Remote sensing and GIS applications of agriculture, agro-ecosystems and agro-environment. Contributions towards development of techniques, methodology, applications, project conceptualization, formulations and implementation. Remote sensing and GIS based crop area/production using optical and SAR data, Cropping systems and Agro-environment studies, hyperspectral remote sensing, Green house gases from agriculture.

Major achievements:
Was involved in development of procedures and techniques of preharvest crop production estimations using satellite data, collateral data and meteorological data) for major crops like wheat, rice, grain sorghum, mustard and potato through digital image processing and crop yield models. Was a part of on SAR-Rice studies in India and national kharif rice acreage estimation project. Has worked on cropping systems analysis and demonstrated the utility of IRS LISS III and WiFS/AWiFS data to derive seasonal cropping pattern, crop calendar, crop rotation maps. The specific use of remote sensing based rice area derivation and stratification in GIS environment for large area sampling, coupled with field data and extrapolation towards generation of spatio-temporal methane emission maps and non-point source pollution. Has worked on hyperspectral remote sensing techniques of vegetation. Lead FASAL and CHAMAN projects at SAC.

Member Secretary: Standing Committee on Agriculture & Soils of PC-SAMS

Member Secretary: ISRO Geosphere and Biosphere Programme

Awards: P.R. Pisharoty Memorial Award (for young scientists) by Indian Society of Remote Sensing during the year 2006, ISRO Award for Excellence and Geospatial Award.

Publications: About 75 scientific papers/reports and chapters in book “Wetland Agriculture”, as a co-author (in Remote Sensing for Natural Resource Management and Environmental Monitoring: Manual of Remote Sensing, Third Edition, Volume 4, Edited by Susan L. Ustin, published by John Wiley and Sons, USA and “Geoinformatics”.

Invited Lectures/Trainings/Presentation – Faculty for many trainings, delivered about 70 lectures.

Peer Recognition: imparted training to UN-ESCAP Trainees on Capacity Building and other faculty, students of remote sensing, Reviewer of scientific manuscripts- International/national Journals, Member of technical/seminar committees, Was Chief Editor: Indian Society of Remote Sensing – Ahmedabad Chapter Newsletter, Member of Panel of Experts for JRFs in SAC, focal person RESPOND, Member Secretary-IGBP.

Guidance to Students: Guided students/scientists of geoinformatics, IT and computer science.

Member: of professional societies: ISRS, ISG, IMSA, INCA