Dr. Chris Hewett

General Manager
Strategy and Industry Growth Australia Space Agency

As General Manager, Strategy and Industry Growth, Chris is responsible for the Agency’s policy development and coordination, industry growth facilitation, and the teams supporting the operations of the Agency. Chris leads the development of advice to achieve the vision in the Australian Civil Space Strategy, including how to grow Australian industry through investment and workforce development. Chris and his team engage across government and international counterparts on space matters and development opportunities.

Chris has previously held Senior Executive Service roles at the Department of Defence and the Department of Finance. Chris’ career in government began in national security, where he built and lead teams that designed, delivered and used space technologies for 15 years. Chris enjoys working with partners, both in industry and government, and has extensive international experience from both before and after joining government. His education includes masters degrees in strategic policy and space operations, and an honours degree in ancient history from the University of Sydney.