Dr. Robertus Heru Triharjanto

Center for Aerospace Policy Studies
National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN)

Started his service at in 1998, as design/flight test engineer for LAPAN’s sounding rocket program. He then became lead engineer for Indonesian 1st microsatellite, LAPAN-A1/TUBSAT, in 2003. He served as the Head of Satellite Bus Technology Division, at Satellite Technology Center, LAPAN, between 2009-2014. During such time, LAPAN developed its 2nd and 3rd satellite, LAPAN-A2/ORARI and LAPAN-A3/IPB. He also contributed in the formulation of Indonesian Space Law, which was enacted in 2013. He served as the senior researcher at LAPAN in 2014-2018, among others, in-charge for national journal and regional seminars on aerospace technology. During his career in LAPAN, he has written more than 25 papers in national scientific publications, more than 20 papers in international scientific publications, and edited 3 books about satellite technology. He also served as thesis advisor at Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Institut Teknologi Bandung, and Faculty of Defense Technology at Indonesian Defense University.

He graduated in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University, USA, Texas A&M University, USA, and Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia.