Mr. Mohamad Ali Izzat Bin Mohamed Sanaf

Pusat Bahasa Teikyo,
Member of the 16th Japan Future Leaders School,

Mr. Mohamad Ali Izzat Bin Mohamed Sanaf is representative of the16th Japan Future Leaders School(JFLS), selective summer school for high school students held in Munakata city, Fukuoka Prefecture to teach leadership.  He was one of scholarship students from Malaysia. 16 Asia scholarship students were invited from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mogolia, China, and Korea.

He is in grade 2 of Pusat Bahasa Teikyo in Kuala Lumpur studying Japanese. He is fluent in Japanese.  His dream is to work in UN, or maybe become Prime Minister of Malaysia in the future. He as participants from Malaysia, would like to see a sustainable future.  One where we aren’t driven by our greed and capitalistic values but for the greater good of the people and especially the environment.  One where our future isn’t at stake just to save a few extra dollars. It’s time we start doing the right thing, the right way and that starts right now.