Mr. Krishna Raj Adhikary

Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Center (NESARC),

Mr. Adhikary was born in chhang, Tanahun district of Nepal in 1951 AD. He received Bachelor’s Degree in science from Tribhuvan University Kathmandu in 1972 AD and Survey Engineer from STI Hyderabad, India in 1975 AD. He earned Post Graduate Diploma from ITC, The Netherlands in 1980 AD, as well as Master’s degree of Photogrammetric Engineering from ITC, The Netherlands in 1982 AD.

He had Joined the Survey Department of Government of Nepal in 1975 AD; and resumed the work on Surveying and Mapping for the preparation of topographical base map of the country using aerial photographs, geodetic survey for the geodetic network of the country, aerial survey of the country for development projects, international boundary survey, feasibility survey of the development technical projects, use of Remote Sensing data and the survey training activities. He become the Principal of the Survey Training Center in 1996-1997 AD and Deputy Director General of Survey Department, Government of Nepal in 2004-2007 AD. He was appointed as an Executive Director of Land Management Training Center, Ministry of Land Reform and Management, Government of Nepal in 2007-2008AD and resumed the work on to start the Bachelor of Engineering in Geomatics with the co-operation of Kathmandu University as well as continue the short term and long term training courses of surveying and land management. Similarly, during the tenure of his Government service, he worked as Joint Secretary of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Land Reform and Management; and resumed the work as a spokesperson and focal point of the Ministry and he was responsible for the planning and monitoring of the ministry and related departments activities in 2008-2009 AD.

He was decorated with Medal “Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu” by His Majesty the King of Nepal in 1990 AD. He also received the Medal” Janapad Sewa Padak” from Government of Nepal in 1993 AD. He was also decorated with Medal “Daibi Prakop Piditodhar” by His Majesty the King of Nepal in 1995 AD.

He has published books on Photogrammetry, Geodetic Survey & Global Positioning System (GPS) and published the technical papers in national and international journals relating to Geomatics, Land management, space science and human resources development on survey/space science.

He was appointed Chairman of Nepal Scientific Activities and Research Center (NESARC) in 2010 AD. Besides other research activities of the Center, he is actively engaged to promote the space education and awareness activities (poster contest, water rocket event, Can Satellite, Teachers Training, Space Camp, Science exhibition and quiz contest etc.) for the school children and college students of Nepal.