Ms. Insuk Jang

Director, Space and Big Science Policy Division,
Space, Nuclear and Big Science Policy Bureau,
Office of R&D Policy, Ministry of Science and ICT, KOREA

Insuk Jang is Director of Space and Big Science Policy Division at the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) based in Gwacheon near Seoul. Ms. Jang is in charge of setting out of Space policies and programs, promoting Korean industries and International cooperation in the field of Space.

Ms. Jang began her career with Ministry of S&T which was formerly MSIT in 2002 and she has carried out variety of tasks of promoting Science and technology. She worked the Presidential Secretariat for two years(2013-2014) and diplomat in the India as science attaché for three years(2014-2018).

Ms. Jang studied architecture engineering at first-degree in Seoul National University and graduated with Master of Public Administration from Texas University, USA at Austin in 2010.