The 10th Session of the Asia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum

Table of Contents
I. Concept of APRSAF PDF
II. Agenda
  1.At a glance PDF
  2.Full Version PDF
III. Executive Summary PDF
IV. Plenary Session
1. Day 1
  (1)Welcome Address (1/2) PDF
  (2)Welcome Address (2/2) PDF
  (3)Opening Remarks (1/2) PDF
  (4)Opening Remarks (2/2) PDF
  (5)Working Group Reports from Previous Session
(A)Earth Observation PDF
(B)Communication Satellite Application PDF
(C)Space Education & Awareness PDF
(D)Space Environment Utilization PDF
  (6)Keynote Speech (1/2) PDF
  (7)Keynote Speech (2/2) PDF
  (8)Special Speech (1/2) PDF
  (9)Special Speech (2/2) PDF
  (10)Speech (1/6) PDF
  (11)Speech (2/6) PDF
  (12)Speech (3/6) PDF
  (13)Speech (4/6) PDF
  (14)Speech (5/6) PDF
  (15)Speech (6/6) PDF
2. Day 2
(1)Special Speech (1/2) PDF
(2)Special Speech (2/2) PDF
(3)Speech (1/5) PDF
(4)Speech (2/5) PDF
(5)Speech (3/5) PDF
(6)Speech (4/5) PDF
(7)Speech (5/5) PDF
V. Closing Session
1. Summaries of Three Working Groups & Participation Lists
(1) Earth Observation WG PDF
(2) Communication Satellite Application WG PDF
(3) Space Education & Awareness WG PDF
2. NASA Announcement PDF
3. Recommendations PDF
4. Proposed Next Session PDF
  I. Participation List PDF
  II. Technical Tour Program PDF
Group Photo1 (Host Courtiers)
Group Photo1 (Host Countries)
Group Photo2 (Member Countries)
Group Photo2 (Member Countries)